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We attended the Intertech 2013 from May 6-8, 2013

Editor:huifengHits:38 Date:2013-05-22

From May 6-8,2013 our Company attended the Intertech 2013 which was held by American Industrial Diamond Association.

Intertech 2013 is the leading International Technical Conference on industrial diamond, cubic boron nitride, polycrystallines, CVD diamond, Nanodiamond and other materials classified as superabrasives. Intertech 2013 featured experts representing international suppliers, manufacturers, research facilities, academia, end-users, machine tool builders and the escientific community with a focus on Aerospace & Defense industrial applications. These areas are a focus due to the high level of exotic materials (titanium, superalloys, high silicon aluminum, ceramic, etc.) used in the manufacture of aerospace and defense components. These materials can only be effectively machined and ground with superabrasive tooling.