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Featured diamond micron powder series


HFD—T [金刚石高强微粉]

HFD-T (High Toughness Diamond Micron Powder)

Product Characteristics: Made of higher quality diamond with higher toughness and purity, blocky shape, narrow PSD, tiny impurities (inner and outer); good thermal stability and high wear-resistance.

Recommended Applications: Metal bond, vitrified bond products; high grade diamond paste and polishing compound, etc.  Grinding and polishing on: optical glass, fine ceramics gem stone, etc.


HFD-F [金刚石超细微粉]

HFD-F (Super Fine Diamond Micron Powder)

Product Characteristics: Made of carefully selected high quality diamond, processed by International-advanced technology of re-shaping and grading, include the sizes in sub-micron and nanometer.

Recommended Applications:  Superfine grinding and polishing on:  hard and brittle material such as fine ceramics, IC chip, gem, ferrite, quartz, optical lenses;  Is a good additive to wear-resistant composite materials, composite coating and lubricating materials;also is an ideal finishing & polishing material for aerospace, precision machinery, optical instruments, automotive manufacturing industry etc. 


HFD-P [金刚石超纯微粉]

HFD-P (High Purity Diamond Micron Powder)

Product Characteristics: Made of carefully selected high quality diamond, treated by a special processing, with super clean particles surface, total content of all kinds of metal impurities controlled at the ppm level; good & stable dispersion and suspension ability for both water-based and oil-based agent to ensure the grinding and polishing efficiency; narrow PSD, high content of very blocky shape particles, good heat resistance, high wear- resistance. Complete sizes available.

Recommended Applications:  Without the need of further treatment, directly for making PDC, and diamond slurries for lapping, grinding, polishing on many kinds of material surface including needing special conditioning.