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MB Diamond micron powder series for special application


HFD-PCD 金刚石复合片专用微粉

HFD-PCD (Diamond Micron Powder Specialized for PCD)

Product Characteristics: Made of higher toughness MBD diamond, treated by special processing and with purified diamond surface; blocky shape, good thermal stability and high wear-resistance. Good for sintering growth of PDC and PCD.

Recommended Applications:  PDC, PCD, wiring dies, electroplating, vitrified & metal bonded tools, etc.

HFD-BR (Diamond Micron Powder Specialized for Abrasive Brick)

Product Characteristics: Made of high quality diamond, processed by special processing; irregular particle shape & multi-edge with high sharpening performance; the nice feature is: a tough retention with bond so as to enhance wear-resistance and extend working life.

Recommended applications: Resin bond flexible Diamond Abrasive Brick.


HFD-DW 金刚石线专用微粉

HFD-DW (Diamond Micron Powder Specialized for Diamond Wire)

Product Characteristics:  Made of high toughness MBD diamond, treated by special re-shaping and grading, strictly removing oversize particles; good particle morphology and strictly narrow PSD, high content of effective grinding particles to enhance wear- resistance.

Recommended Applications:  Making diamond wire and other cutting tools; grinding and polishing on: monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon, precious stones, quartz, LCD glass, magnetic materials, semiconductors and other hard and friable material.