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MB Diamond micron powder in general series


HFD—A [金刚石超精微粉]

HFD-A (A-shape Diamond Micron Powder)

Product Characteristics: Very blocky shape, strictly narrow PSD, tiny impurities (inner and outer); better dispersion and high wear-resistence.

Recommended Applications: Metal bonded products, electroplated diamond products; grinding and polishing on: precise machinery, optical glass, fine ceramics, gem stone, semi-conductor and etc. 


HFD—B [金刚石精微粉]

HFD-B (B-shape Diamond Micron Powder)                                                                                

Product Characteristics: Blocky shape, narrow PSD, low impurities (inner and outer).

Recommended Applications: Cutting, lapping, grinding and polishing on: silicon glass, optical glass, ceramic, and etc.


HFD—C [金刚石普通微粉]

HFD-C (C-shape Diamond Micron Powder)

Product Characteristics: Economic type product with irregular shape and normal PSD.

Recommended Applications: Lapping, grinding or polishing on: PCD, ceramics, stone and other workpieces.